Friday, 29 July 2011

Jardin Majorelle Marrakesh an oasis of inspiration

"Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers, that the mind can never break off from the journey." Pat Conroy

A recent trip to Morocco was bountiful in inspiration from the rich colours, decorated fountains and tiles, elegant architecture , busy streets to the varied landscape that ranged from the Atlantic coast though olive groves to the  dry expanse of  Sahara desert.

I delighted in all the  varied sights, the colours , textures and  contrast of Morocco  but  found the  Jardin Majorelle  in Marrakesh to be particularly inspirational 

Jardin Majorelle is an oasis of calm with lush foliage and vivid colour in the center of Marrakech .
Created in 1924 by Jacques Majorelle a French painter and opened to the public in 1947.The garden  has the feel of being a living painting with a distinctive artistic flair in the layout and combination of the traditional and modern.

After Jacques Majorelle's death in 1962 the garden has been funded by the Foundation Pierre Berge and the late Yves Saint Laurent . A memorial to Yves Saint Laurent is found within the grounds of the garden.

The garden is not only a beautiful and meditative space but also very inspirational to my own creativity .It  appealed at every level to my painter's eye.Every niche and pathway offers a sensory delight with the bright acid colored pots , deep blue low walls and abundant greenery of the plants. 

Here are a selection of photographs from this exquisite garden.'

More photographs of the Jardin Majorelle can be seen on my Flickr page ‘Art is life playing to other rhythms

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